Sunday, June 30, 2013

SIck Of it All

Oh So tired of people I like or love get hurt cause of some one else's stupidity and being so stubborn. I really get so pissed off when people ask me to help them with problems and issues, they don't always take my advice or hear me out. I am working a lot and whenever I get free time I try and have something to do that is fun and it seems every time I do it gets messed up. Then I end up just sitting alone and depressed thinking that everyone is too busy to do anything anymore. I also just wish I knew how to solve people's problems, but it's not a magic land that I can just pull out a wand or sprinkle fairy dust. I am just hoping that pepole learn how to solve their own problems and let me live me life. My life is still in a balance since I  moved out of mom's house cause I still am just another part of a family ad not on my own cause I can't afford my own place. I am trying ot make new friends and recover what I thought I lost when mom and I left the first time, I am starting to think it was and wasn't a good idea to try looking for new direction. I am hitting walls I can't break and with the news always saying  about killing and floods it's nuts makes me wanna run a way and have no one find me.