Sunday, July 21, 2013

People need to start listning

I'm not happy with people texting their frustrations out at me, get a grip and call me to tell me what your problem is. I can only text for so much of a conversation, before I have had enough and up calling to hear what's wrong. Pepole need to learn how to communicate again on the other end of a reciver instead of typing out their frustrations. Another thing that bothers me, is how If I decide to not get and answer to my questions, I get to the point where I feel like I am being ignored and who wants to be ignored? Nobody. I'm thinking people just want to have something to say to make me want to have a bad mood even if I've having a great night or day. Everything seems to go down the tubes too much lately. If people would learn how to stop texting their angry feeling and talk them out instead or in my case writing them down, then people would feel much better.


According to means If I decide to have a boyfriend, then he shouldn't be jelous or angry if I have guy friends ok sure they are ex's but I can be civial to them and not act like a teenager. I'm learning fast and hard that men today are not the same and they were say 10 or so years ago.I have a past but who doesn't? I'm meaning that I have Ex's for a reason, They were friends before we dated so nothing should be different between us. I 've had it with ex's being all macho and saying that we can't see each other or talk because we have new spouses. I personally would like to meet the new girls so I can see for my own personal being to see that guy is happy. I've been told by many that I have to be a secrect to their new girls, so I 'm not a threat as I have been told once or twice. Well I got news for anyone of my ex flames that have moved on, "I'm not a threat unless you want me to be, I've moved on and I'm trying to be like all of you and be happy too".

Why Do plans Get Ruined?

It always seems to me that whenever people make plans to ethier go someplace or just have an idea on what to do, they get messed up and changed without proper notice. I 've made plans ahead of time several times and somehow they get runined by someone or something. For always it seems I've been the one to make the plan to just do things and the other person ethier goes along with it or doesn't do or say anything to be a part of it. I'm so tired of sitting around wondering why other people just don't decide to to contact me instead of me always taking time out of my life to call them. Plans to be made take time and lots of thinking, once their broken you can't take it back.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's A sad World

My thoughts of what's happening in families that have no structure really Agravates me, When I did something wrong I got punished fro it and the Familes I have seen are nothing like what my family was. It is so Sick how kids Treat their siblings. Fort Plain is really bad lots of clean up to do and when I was there to walk the sidewalks, All you can see is the garbage and the people shovel when they can of the mud and yet it was sad to see cause I feel like since I relocated up that way nothing good is happening, I am wondering if it was a mistake to relocate there people I knew back in the day are really different and very ethier mean or very distant again , like they were when I knew them in high school.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

SIck Of it All

Oh So tired of people I like or love get hurt cause of some one else's stupidity and being so stubborn. I really get so pissed off when people ask me to help them with problems and issues, they don't always take my advice or hear me out. I am working a lot and whenever I get free time I try and have something to do that is fun and it seems every time I do it gets messed up. Then I end up just sitting alone and depressed thinking that everyone is too busy to do anything anymore. I also just wish I knew how to solve people's problems, but it's not a magic land that I can just pull out a wand or sprinkle fairy dust. I am just hoping that pepole learn how to solve their own problems and let me live me life. My life is still in a balance since I  moved out of mom's house cause I still am just another part of a family ad not on my own cause I can't afford my own place. I am trying ot make new friends and recover what I thought I lost when mom and I left the first time, I am starting to think it was and wasn't a good idea to try looking for new direction. I am hitting walls I can't break and with the news always saying  about killing and floods it's nuts makes me wanna run a way and have no one find me.