Sunday, July 21, 2013


According to means If I decide to have a boyfriend, then he shouldn't be jelous or angry if I have guy friends ok sure they are ex's but I can be civial to them and not act like a teenager. I'm learning fast and hard that men today are not the same and they were say 10 or so years ago.I have a past but who doesn't? I'm meaning that I have Ex's for a reason, They were friends before we dated so nothing should be different between us. I 've had it with ex's being all macho and saying that we can't see each other or talk because we have new spouses. I personally would like to meet the new girls so I can see for my own personal being to see that guy is happy. I've been told by many that I have to be a secrect to their new girls, so I 'm not a threat as I have been told once or twice. Well I got news for anyone of my ex flames that have moved on, "I'm not a threat unless you want me to be, I've moved on and I'm trying to be like all of you and be happy too".

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